We have many years of experience developing FAA-certified hardware systems for aviation applications. For example, our state-of-the-art Fire Retardant Dispersal System provides firefighting aircraft the ability to drop fire retardant in precise volumes over pilot-specified distances.

LED Annunciator Panel

This fully redundant, dual channel LED Annunciator Panel displays 15 sunlight readable cells. Each cell color and text is fully configurable. The unit automatically self tests during power on. The compact design with one MS connector eliminates the need for multiple individually wired indicators cutting material and installation costs; as well as increasing reliability.

DMS Digital Monitor & Control System (DsPic30F6014) – LCD Display

This compact unit provides LCD display of process parameters in real time and is suitable for a variety of display and control applications. It comes standard with 4 analog/counter inputs, an LCD display, a connection for an external Encoder / Programming unit, a connection for a remote display, and an internal power supply.