Our capacity for handling projects of any size or scope comes down to our staff of exceptionally talented engineers, designers and assemblers, each with their own range of specific skills. Through in-house collaboration and our alliance with top vendors, we can bring nearly any idea to reality, and manage production, assembly and QC of components and assemblies.

This is a simple and rugged solution for mounting an encoder to a wide array of systems. The encoder is mounted solid while a zero backlash coupling allows for shaft mis-alignment. The driven pulley has a large diameter shaft in double sheer which makes it ideal for long travel harsh environments.

StackMax 2 – High Performance Tray Stacking Solution

The StackMax 2 is a high performance, low cost inline tray stacking solution. This tray stacker features a dual level conveyor to minimize idle time while cycling trays. The StackMax 2 is fully and easily adjustable to accommodate multiple tray sizes no matter how big or small. Designed and tested for 24/7 operation our StackMax 2 tray stacker solution is ready to handle your production line’s needs.

BioAutomation is a biotechnology company whose focus is providing automation solutions to synthesize many variations of DNA and RNA in small quantities for research and development. They approached us to design a new product that would allow researchers to synthesize one type of DNA / RNA at larger quantities. This self contained unit keeps electronics, pneumatics, and solutions sealed and separated from each other and the end user.

The LS1 unit chassis was designed in Solidworks and is all 316 stainless steel to survive the corrosive acids and bases used in the DNA / RNA synthesizing process. The electrical design used hardened components well suited for 24/7 industrial use. Custom in house designed circuit boards were used to simplify wiring and troubleshooting for a very polished end product.