Making things move on their own is fun, it’s also very challenging. We have been in the industry for many years, we have designed and built custom robots for tasks on all ends of the spectrum. From soldering tiny pins on a circuit board to lifting 50,000 pounds of tube out of an oil well; no task too big or too small for robotics to handle.

Motion Brute Max – Robotic Platform

High Precision, High Capacity, Ultra Flexibility; never before have these qualities come together on such an affordable machine with no compromises. The Motion Brute base platform is offered with tooling for a variety of processes and can be adapted for custom applications. Motion Brute is rugged enough for 24/7 production, and is flexible and scalable for large work areas with no loss in speed, precision or accuracy.

Laser Soldering Workcell

This workcell started life as our Dual Robotic Workcell and would be stripped of its guarding, one robot and converted to a laser soldering cell. As a result of the added laser, custom light tight guarding was designed and installed. This cell went into a 24/7 production line and has been working reliably since.

Dual Robot Process Work-cell

The dual-robot soldering cell provides autonomous non-contact soldering when used in an in-line conveyorized production line.  Pallets are automatically transferred using an edge-type roller chain conveyor. Two robots are used to selectively solder circuits using a non-contact Xenon arc fiber coupled heat source and a stepper-motor driven automatic solder wire feeder.  Vision guidance along with two Cartesian robots is employed to position the focusing lens and solder feeder.

Hydraulic Servo via Pulse Width Modulation of ON/OFF Valves

Our patented software and hardware package allows for precise servo control of hydraulics via cheap on/off hydraulic valves. Developed to replace expensive and fragile hydraulic servo valves with cheap off the shelf on/off valves, our control system pulse width modulates multiple valves of various sizes to control any hydraulic actuator. We have achieved servo performance at a fraction of the cost and significant reliability improvements.