From simple circuit boards like a current limiter to complex micro processor control systems like aircraft instrumentation. In-house design and manufacturing means we’re flexible and can handle any volume, from one off prototypes to full scale production.

LED Annunciator Panel

This fully redundant, dual channel LED Annunciator Panel displays 15 sunlight readable cells. Each cell color and text is fully configurable. The unit automatically self tests during power on. The compact design with one MS connector eliminates the need for multiple individually wired indicators cutting material and installation costs; as well as increasing reliability.

DSPIC30 Core Module for Display and Control Applications

This circuit board consists of a MicroChip DSPIC6014A digital signal processor and various voltage regulators, accelerometers, communication buffers, analog opto-isolators, RS-232 / SPI communication buffer and other support components. This assembly is suitable for a variety of display and control applications.

17 Channel Voltage Regulator Driver Board

This PCB is designed with 17 independently configurable voltage output channels for use as a multi-channel pneumatic / hydraulic solenoid driver, multi-channel voltage regulator board with remote on / off, or a simple 3A stepper driver. It features a 6-layer PCB design with supply and shielding layers, compact size, and flexible mounting options.

Dual Redundant Power Supply

  • 7 Voltages in on Unit
  • 19v ~ 48v Input Range
  • +24v at 15 amps, +5v at 3 amps, ±15v at 500mA, +5v at 1.0 amp, +12v at 1.0 amp
  • Parallel Operation for Redundancy (Two Unit)
  • Utilizes Mil-Spec Vicor EMI Filters and Converters
  • On-Board Remote Fault Indication
  • On-Board Set Point Controller