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Complete FRDS Kit:

  • Pilot Interface
  • Relay Box w/Shock Mount
  • 2X Sideloader Displays
  • Brackets & Breakers
  • Sensors Kit

Authorized Installation

Hydraulics Kit:

  • Dual-Head Hydraulic Pump
  • Hydraulic Manifold
  • Valve Assemblies
  • All Hoses and related hardware

DataVault Telemetry & Acquisition System

  • Plug-and-Play Compatible with Gen II FRDS
  • Provides robust logging of settings and ops
  • Allows sending real-time data to fire services
  • DataVault system priced separately

  FRDS GEN II Upgrade Kit Why

Superior Performance

  • Improved Delivery Accuracy
  • Enhanced Coverage Uniformity
  • Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD Display
  • Increased Door Speed
  • More Accurate Split Loads
  • Advanced Leakage Compensation

Comprehensive Training

  • Free PC-Based Simulator Software
  • Extensive Documentation for Pilots and Maintenance Crews
  • Pilot Interface Quick-Reference Cards
  • Continuous development of training tools
  • Simulator, Manuals and Documentation

4 Levels of Redundancy

  • Auto System
  • Microprocessor Auto Salvo System
  • Electro-Mechanical Salvo System
  • Pneumatic E-Dump System

DataVault Telemetry

  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility with DataVault Telemetry System
  • Provides Instant Proof-of-Delivery
  • DataVault System Priced Seperately

Unsurpassed Reliability

  • Patented Technology uses 3 Identical ON/OFF Valves instead of expensive Servo or Proportional Valves
  • 20+ Years of harsh life testing performed on the system
  • Dual-head Hydraulic Pump
  • Heavy-duty DC Motor
  • Extended Component Life
  • Improved Waterproofing
  • Non-contact, Ultra-reliable sensors
  • Plug and Play Connectors
  • O-Ring Sealed Connectors
  • Hardened against humidity & vibration
  • Avoids obsolescence & support issues

Cutting Edge Diagnostics

  • Simple Pre-Flight Diagnostics Check
  • Advanced Tests with Failure Reporting
  • Real-Time Monitoring Detects Problems
  • Comprehensive Self Tests
  • Built-in Self Diagnostics can detect:
    • Failed or Damaged interface switches
    • Damaged or poorly adjusted sensors
    • Stuck valves
    • Incorrectly wired valves (in most cases)
    • Burned out wires
    • Burned out valve coils
    • Hydraulic Pump/Accumulator problems
    • Improper manifold orifice installation
    • And more…

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