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Building on more than 20 years of experience in the aerial firefighting industry, the AeroCloud DataVault is a uniquely open platform which enables operators to easily comply with the increasingly stringent reporting needs of authorities worldwide.

Available to order now, DataVault is a high performance telemetry and data acquisition system tailored to meet the needs of the aerial fire-fighting community.

Although optimized for use with the FRDS GEN II, DataVault is a truly open “plug-and-play” device. For third party gate controllers, the DataVault can either analyze the gate controller’s serial bus or monitor analog and digital sensors directly to capture proof of delivery data according to both NAFC and USFS requirements.

A built-in module is used to send gate and aircraft data in near real time via the Iridium satellite constellation for display to an operator or fire-fighting authority.

With its external GPS and Iridium dual function antenna, DataVault provides advanced tracking services which relay position data via satellite to TracPlus (NAFC AFAMS integration partner for Australia, and tracking service provider) on a configurable time or distance basis. The optional Message Interface, mounted on the aircraft’s instrument panel, allows the pilot to easily adjust the tracking transmission interval parameter to a specific time or geo-fence to optimize transmission bandwidth when operating in limited geographical territory.

The Message Interface also supports transmission of geo-tagged waypoint markers such as “persons in danger” or “property at risk”. In conjunction with TracPlus, acknowledged Distress Messaging and ground to air text messages are also supported without the need for a SIM card.

DataVault has both fixed and removable data storage, which when combined with its internal motion sensors, enables deep post-mission analysis to assess delivery efficiency, aircraft utilization and pilot performance. Internal memory constantly records more than 40 parameters, including geo-tags at intervals as short as 0.1s and has capacity for more than 1,000 flight hours. Information can also be collected on a USB stick and uploaded to an internet accessible database for mission replay, plotting, reporting and sharing data with authorized third parties.

Configured via a comprehensive set of PC based DataVault tools, the PRO model delivers the ability to add user digital or analog inputs which can be easily scaled to actual units of measure, recorded and transmitted in real time to a base station via third-party products such as TracMap, or FlightCell’s DMZ device.

Expansion boards for the DataVault include the ability to drive electric motors, on/off valves and proportional valves to enable control of other equipment on the aircraft.


  • Simple instrument panel interface (optional)
  • Pilot-accessible USB port
  • Excel-compatible data files
  • Mission playback with map overview for review and training
  • Management software provides:
    • Management of multiple aircraft
    • Playback of missions
    • Storage archive of past missions
    • Mission summaries


  • Provides the ability to transmit location and operational data to fire services in real time.
  • Compatible with several GPS and data transmission services.


  • Locations of start and end of drop
  • GPS path of drop
  • Real-time retardant quantity on-board
  • Amount of retardant dropped
  • Drop Mode (Auto, Timer, Manual, Salvo)
  • Coverage Setting
  • Calculated Ground Line
  • Measured Ground Line (with GPS)
  • Engine start and stop
  • Take off and landing
  • Pilot-selectable data formats and rates with optional Message Interface
  • And much more…


  • MSG button provides two-way communication with ground units using a number of message presets.
  • MARK button transmits points of interest
  • EMERGENCY button sends distress message and location, and provides confirmation to the pilot that the message was received.


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