StackMax 2 – High Performance Tray Stacking Solution

The StackMax 2 is a high performance, low cost inline tray stacking solution. This tray stacker features a dual level conveyor to minimize idle time while cycling trays. The StackMax 2 is fully and easily adjustable to accommodate multiple tray sizes no matter how big or small. Designed and tested for 24/7 operation our StackMax 2 tray stacker solution is ready to handle your production line’s needs.

  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC Control
  • Communications bridge from MicroLogix to ControlLogix PLC via built in Ethernet switch or Red Lion OIT
    • Control solution allows the work-cell to be controlled in “stand-alone” mode.
    • Ethernet interface to ControlLogix PLC platform for status / control functions.
  • Rugged welded steel machine frame
  • Rugged industrial quality construction and guarding
  • Modular design allows machine operator side to change with minimal changeover time. Allows “back-to-back” installation of handling units.
  • Through beam tray sensors are utilized throughout where practical
  • Programmable stack / de-stack lift axes – Position and velocity controlled via OIT menu settings
  • Programmable tray pitch selectable via OIT parameter entry
  • Advanced queue for minimizing tray change out time
  • Axes STOP and continue on reset feature on ESTOP condition (within limits)
  • PLC solution can be used as remote I/O when used with Ethernet switch or can be operated as a stand alone cell as quoted
  • Manual mode and comprehensive I/O screens via touch screen OIT
  • Adjustable to accommodate various tray sizes
  • Programmable axis that can do either FULL or EMPTY trays (without spilling parts during ESTOP condition)

Tray Stacking, Basic Operation Overview

Tray Stacking Cycle Time

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