From simple circuit boards like a current limiter to complex micro processor control systems like aircraft instrumentation. In-house design and manufacturing means we’re flexible and can handle any volume, from one off prototypes to full scale production.

Making things move on their own is fun, it’s also very challenging. We have been in the industry for many years, we have designed and built custom robots for tasks on all ends of the spectrum. From soldering tiny pins on a circuit board to lifting 50,000 pounds of tube out of an oil well; no task too big or too small for robotics to handle.

Our capacity for handling projects of any size or scope comes down to our staff of exceptionally talented engineers, designers and assemblers, each with their own range of specific skills. Through in-house collaboration and our alliance with top vendors, we can bring nearly any idea to reality, and manage production, assembly and QC of components and assemblies.

We provide factory solutions for the medical, automotive, semi-conductor and many other industries. Our products are designed and built to provide years of reliable service to minimize ownership costs. We can integrate solutions from our network of partners or design a custom machine to best fit your needs.

We have many years of experience developing FAA-certified hardware systems for aviation applications. For example, our state-of-the-art Fire Retardant Dispersal System provides firefighting aircraft the ability to drop fire retardant in precise volumes over pilot-specified distances.

We recognize the oilfield to be one of the most demanding and dangerous work environments on Earth. As such, we bring to bear our expertise in automation in harsh environments to develop oilfield products with a strong focus on increasing safety for oilfield workers, while improving reliability and efficiency to keep operating costs low.

At Trotter Controls, we have experience with systems ranging from automotive and aviation to high-voltage industrial. We design our systems to comply with all applicable standards, and routinely build systems for hazardous environments. We offer panel and wire harness fabrication services that can be completed from customer supplied drawings, or our team of engineers will work with you to design a solution that fits your needs.

Getting your design done on time and correct, the very first time, is our mission. Our team utilizes SolidWorks’ 3D CAD package to design mechanical systems that are rugged, yet cost effective to manufacture. We design custom control enclosures, complex robotic systems and everything in between. Our in-house 3D Printing capabilities allow us to rapidly prototype our designs.

Writing the software to control complex systems and hardware is no easy task. With our close-knit, talented, and cross-trained staff, we understand what it takes to connect hardware to software. We can implement software ranging from micro-controller level, to ladder logic on a PLC.

Making many systems come together to perform one task is our specialty. We’re a small, agile group with the wide range of skills needed to understand, develop, and control real world hardware. From the precision of robotics, to the robust requirements of the oilfield; FAA certified avionics, to industrial automation. We understand how to make things work.

Bringing prototype products into the real world is often an important step during development, necessary for testing ergonomics, mechanical functionality and strength early in the process. We utilize in-house 3D printing, molding and machining, as well as various services through our partners, to allow us, and you, to put hands on a product as it’s being developed.

Automation is a rapidly growing part of modern industry. Whether you need to increase the volume of your production, or improve quality, we can provide a solution to fulfill your unique requirements. We specialize in the difficult processes that standard machine builders turn away.

While the functionality of your product is of utmost importance, we also strive to maximize aesthetic quality, ergonomics and usability. The artistic talents of our designers are combined with strong engineering fundamentals to create well-rounded, attractive and marketable products.

From custom connector labels for electrical enclosures, to the user interface of an HMI, clear graphic design helps communicate critical information to end users. Our in-house graphic design team also helps create documentation for our projects, ensuring that instructions, process specifications, and manuals are accessible and easy to understand.

We produce high-quality marketing and training videos to support your product. Our in-house production team can develop your script, create motion graphics, record narration with professional voice actors, film all scenes with high-quality HD video gear, edit your final video or audio piece, and provide CD/DVD/Blu-ray Mastering and online streaming.

From simple linear actuators to complex multi-axis robots, we understand hydraulics. In-house manifold and systems design helps eliminate complexity and save time assembling and troubleshooting large systems. We even have a patented system for servoing hydraulic actuators with simple and robust on/off valves.